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The Valentino Rossi Interview
Rossi with a valiant effort
in the Valencia MotoGP race in Spain, the last race of 2018.
He fought his way to second then disaster!

He crashed whilst leading, with only a few laps to go.
He remounted to finish 13th.  
It could have been another victory for the 40 year old Italian.
Dovizioso went on to win ahead of Rins who led most of the race.
But the KTM Factory Team Celebrated as if they had won
because Pol Espargaro took their first MotoGP podium.
He clung on to get his best result on a KTM and get third place
In a crash strewn race with only 15 finishers.
Nine riders didn't make it to the flag, in the two part race.
Dovi overhauled Rins and took his fourth win of the year
securing his second place in the Championship 
Rossi IS still a potential winner.
Here on the podium celebrating his last win at Assen in 2017

He talked to me about his girlfriend, marriage,
his future,

his time with Yamaha
and his pending retirement

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    I Met With Rossi Before He Left For Ibiza     
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Valentino Rossi Took
His Long Standing Girl Friend
Francesca Sofia Novello To Ibiza In Spain
They have become pretty much inseparable
ever since they met back in 2017
They Were On Holiday In Cala De Sant Vicent The Quiet Beautiful Holiday Resort Of Sant Joan
Cala de Sant Vicent, in the region of Sant Joan in Ibiza, Spain. Is a popular holiday resort and a beautiful holiday resort of Sant Joan de Labritja and situated on the north east part of Ibiza.
It has fine sandy beach and crystal clear waters. There are many leisure activities and water sports to do at the beach and on the promenade as well as good bars and restaurants that you would expect to find in any resort.


For Valentino And Francesca
Their Ten Day Vacation Has Come To An End
It Was A Welcome Rest After The Nine Races
Now It Is Back To His Rigorous Training Routine
And Prepare For The Next Race This Coming Weekend At Brno
He told me this just before their departure
from Federico Fellini International Airport in Rimini


I caught Valentino at the airport with his gorgeous girlfriend Francesca
Valentino Said
"This is a much needed break for me, this year has been tough so I am ready for a break and to relax with Francesca.

"We have a nice holiday villa near to Sant Joan which is a lovely peaceful place with lots of things to do."

"Then we will prepare for Brno. It is a circuit I like and have done well there in the past, but we need to have my bike competitive from day one. This year it has taken too long to find a good setting for me to be comfortable on my bike so I can ride to my ability.

"Also Lin Jarvis told me that Yamaha are sending some new parts for us to try at the test after the race, I'm hoping they have something that will help and we do need something to get us up to the level of Honda, Ducati and also Suzuki. I am expecting a good weekend but we shall have to see.

"Now I forget everything about bikes, racing, MotoGP and concentrate on Francesca and having a good time! I am looking forward to going in and on the sea there, doing some sun bathing and travelling around the island.

"Most of all to relax, unwind and prepare for the rest of the season.
So it will be great."
Still able to fight at the front, Rossi is still capable of winning race.
Only this season he has not felt right on the bike.
He is hoping they find something now for the rest of the season
to get him back to winning ways and back on the podium.

MotoGP Racing Takes It's Toll On The Riders
The Racing Takes It's Toll On The MotoGP Riders
And The 40 Year Old Italian Is No Exception
He and Francesca had a great time in Ibiza. Took it easy for a couple of weeks. But now it's back to the hard work, the training, the preparations, the practises and then the racing starting next week at Brno.
Valentino and Francesca on the beach
Valentino and Francesca take a stroll down the beach in Sant Joan, Ibiza
Some Photos Of His Break In Ibiza
Valentino enjoying a trip on the sea, some sea surfing and in the pool at his villa.
A well earned rest and time to unwind, relax
and have some fun, as Valentino always does!


A Little About Francesca Sofia Novello
The lovely, Pretty, beautiful and sexy Francesca and Valentino have been dating since 2017.
Francesca is a 26 year old Italian Model. Born in 1993 in France.

Francesca taking some rays outside their villa

Francesca is 5'10" tall, was born in France, she is from Arese in Lombardy, Italy. Now she is living in Urbino, at the home of Valentino.

She studied law at the Universita degli Studi di Milano before becoming a fashion model. They met when she was his Umbrella girl and she tells her story about her relationship with Rossi.

Francesca Began

"I studied law at Milan, then I went into fashion and modelling. For fun I used to work as an umbrella girl and one of our friends introduced me to Valentino. We hit it off straight away and decided to get to know each other."


She Continued

"We started slowly just taking things as they came, I like MotoGP and went to many races, after a little time we became close and then let the media know we were dating."
"I get along well with Valentino's family, his father, mother and brother, Luca all like me, so that is good!

"My family like Valentino, especially as he is World Champion rider.
They like MotoGP very much!"


"We spend a lot of time together now. Away from racing we have a lot of fun and good times, although racing is his priority, he does work very hard for it.

"I try to go to all of his races but it is not always possible."

Rossi Talked To Me About
Their Relationship
As Well As Their Plans For Their Future Together
Many Are Thinking They Could Even Tie The Knot In 2020
Valentino Commented Saying

Time to Chill together!
Rossi Talks About His Relationship With Francesca

"We have been together now for over a year, I feel good about us, we get on very well, and we have a good relationship and care for each other. A big plus is we don't argue and we have very little disagreements, so that make it even better.

"We are always always together. Our relationship grows and grows for each other every day. I am not worried about my age, now I am forty, this does not make me afraid of the time.
"I am happy I have a nice woman on my side who cares about me very much and that I like very much."

I Asked Rossi   -  Is Marriage On The Cards?
Valentino takes a selfie of them together 
Could this be what they look like when they get married?

So Valentino Is Marriage On The Cards?
Is Marriage On The Cards?Is Marriage On The Cards?

Rossi Replied

"You, like everyone now ask me about getting married! One day I would like to become a father and have some little Valentinos running around the paddock!"


"So it is in my plan now and I feel it is almost time.

"But I still am racing, 
I am committed to it and that is my main priority now, so a wedding is not in my immediate picture at the moment."
Although For Rossi
It Is Not One Of His Immediate Objectives
He Continued To Say
"I don't know at the moment, but I have desire to build a family. So eventually yes it will be.

"This racing and my businesses doesn't make me forget about that. But I am still very much young, so there's still time. Even so, sooner or later we will get married and I'm going to have a family! Francesca feels the same so it's just a matter when the time is right, when the time is right then we will begin."
"But for now my priority is my racing, I want to win races again and this year!

"I would also like to win my tenth title but it seems impossible this year after we have not been that competitive this year, but who knows? "

The Younger Valentino
Valentino at various stages of his younger days,
with his half-brother, Luca and his mum and dad.

Graciano, his father, a former racer himself. 
That's what got Valentino into racing, going to the races with his dad.


What About Your Future With Yamaha? I Asked Him
Rossi and his team, Maverick Vinales,
Massimo Meregalli Monster, Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team manager
and Lin Jarvis Monster, Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team Director
Valentino Said
"Well for now I want a competitive bike, I have a contract until the end of 2020, if I am still competitive, at this moment I would like to continue for a few more years.  

"Bikes and MotoGP is my life and I enjoy it so much, especially when I have a good race and I am on the podium! So at the moment I am not even thinking of retiring just yet."
"I have a great relationship with Yamaha, my team and the people at the Yamaha factories, so if they are willing, I will continue with them even when I do retire. 

"I have my academy and will continue to bring new riders into our sport."

"Thank you Valentino for sparing me your time,
have a great holiday, come back refreshed
and ready to win again! I wish you the very best for the rest of the season."

"No problem Roland, thank you, it has been good to talk with you, Ciao!"

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