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Lorenzo Out Of Brno

He Will Miss The Next Two MotoGP Races Brno And Austria


Lorenzo first time out on the Repsol Honda RCV213 

Since he first rode the Repsol Honda it has taken him longer to adapt.
Along with several crashes Lorenzo which have hindered his progress.
Signs of the old Lorenzo started to show
as he began to battle up at the sharp end in his last few races
only to crash out.

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The MotoGP-World Jorge Lorenzo News Page

#JL99 MotoGP News


Lorenzo Out Of Brno GP

Jorge Lorenzo had decided to pull out
of Brno and the Austrian MotoGP

           Lorenzo Will Not Be At Brno          
    He Will Miss The Next Two MotoGP Races    


Five Time World Champion
Lorenzo getting to grips with his new Repsol Honda RCV213
On The Doctor's Advice

Jorge Lorenzo has taken the advice of his Doctor Matthew Schlechtleitner, and pulled out of the Brno GP.

Although he's been back in training and is recovering from his Assen crash, it was decided to let the recovery process continue and rather than risk further injury he will not take part in Brno or the Austrian GPs.

Stefan Bradl will take his place at both GPs
Jorge in hospital after his Assen crash 
Jorge Lorenzo in back training
even though he won't take part in Brno.

Jorge Lorenzo has been undergoing treatment and therapy with Dr. Matthew Schlechtleitner, physical and rehabilitation doctor. a specialist doctor in Lugano, Switzerland. Interestingly, the Doctor is a fan of Valentino Rossi, so he's in good hands!

Lorenzo has withdrawn
from the Brno GP
and the next two races, Brno and Speilberg, Austria.
 Lorenzo picked a spinal injury
in an incident in the free practise session
at Assen in the Dutch MotoGP.

The Factory Repsol Honda rider is now
targetting his return at the British GP.

       Lorenzo Back Training      
        -    Still In Pain                  
     - Doesn't Want To Risk Further Injury        
The Repsol Honda rider Lorenzo injured his back in his Assen crash.
Jorge Lorenzo injured his back in his Assen crash..
  Jorge Lorenzo spectacularly crashes in Assen

His back hasn't healed sufficiently
to race this weekend.

He has been back training,
trying to strengthen his back muscles.

He is still in some pain and has limited movement.
Thus he cannot move about
on his bike as he would normally.

Therefore, it was agreed with his team manager to take further time to get fitter.

He is now targetting Silverstone for his return.

Lorenzo Will Miss
The Next Two MotoGP Races

Lorenzo Now Targets
British Grand Prix Return
At Silverstone On August 25th.

The Repsol Honda Team
said this week that Lorenzo's injury
he sustained at Assen has not healed
sufficiently to enable him to take part
in the Brno round.

Lorenzo, the injured Repsol Honda
MotoGP Team rider now aims to be
back in action at the
British Grand Prix on starting
August 23, with the race on
Sunday 25th at the newly
resurfaced Silverstone circuit.
Lorenzo Was Hoping
To Race In Brno

Lorenzo was hoping to take
part in this weekend's Brno
race in the Czech Republic,
starting 2nd August
but now after being out of action
he has decided to pull out of Brno
and Spielberg and to continue
his recovery.
He will miss the next two MotoGP races, Brno and Spielberg in Austria.

Lorenzo’s Doctor advised that it is best for Lorenzo to miss both the Czech and Austrian rounds to continue his recovery and avoid any further risk of injury.
Lorenzo’s Condition
Has Improved

Lorenzo’s condition has improved but he is still in some pain and his movement on a bike remains restricted.
Puig Said
Brno Comeback Unlikely

Alberto Puig, the Repsol Honda Team Manager, did say in early July, that it would be unlikely for him to comeback at Brno.

Doctor's Advice "Do Not Race" Until After Austria
Lorenzo and the Repsol Honda team, on the advice of his Doctor, have now decided to delay the Majorcan’s return to track action until he is stronger.
Lorenzo Back In Training

The 32-year old has  stepped up
his training in a bid to be fit enough
to take part at Brno.

He was trying to speed up his
recovery spending some time
using a protective body brace.
Lorenzo Not Yet Healed

The Repsol Honda Team said on Wednesday that Lorenzo's back has not healed sufficiently to enable him to take part in the Brno round.

Puig told me
"While his condition has improved, Lorenzo is still in some pain and his movement on a bike remains restricted. He will miss the next two races to avoid any further risk of injury and continue his recovery.

"The extra three weeks away from the MotoGP paddock will considerably help his strength and healing process."
Stefan Bradl Replaces Lorenzo

Stefan Bradl, the Factory HRC Honda test-rider, will replace the injured Lorenzo in Brno in the Repsol Honda Team. Bradl will team up with the current world champion Marc Marquez as he did at the Sachsenring.
Bradl, the German, was originally racing in Brno as a wild-card rider.
He will also stand in as test-rider after the Brno race in the official post-race test.
Bradl Has Out-Performed Lorenzo

Bradl's tenth place at the Sachsenring in Germany, in front of his home fans is better than Lorenzo has finished all year. Bradl has out-performed the Mallorcan in both of his two races finishing in tenth at Jerez in Spain and at the Sachsenring. Lorenzo has yet to score a top ten finish on his Honda RC213V.

Lorenzo’s best finish on the Repsol Honda RC213V in 2019 is an eleventh place at Le Mans. Whereas Stefan Bradl has out-scored the Mallorcan in each of his outings this year.

Lorenzo Not Yet Show His True Ability On The Repsol Honda
Lorenzo’s season so far has been well below what he is capable of, this is in part due to a torrid run of injuries stretching back to Aragon last year.

The triple MotoGP world champion is a lowly 16th in the MotoGP World Championship standings and has scored only 19 points so far.
Lorenzo Back Training
Lorenzo out in front last year on the Factory Ducati
He won the
Austrian MotoGP race in 2018
ahead of Marc Marquez second and then team-mate
Andrea Dovizioso in third

Lorenzo has already been back in training at the gym and pushing himself to regain his fitness as quick as possible.

Lorenzo is keen to make his recovery process as short as can be.
He Wants A Podium

Lorenzo wants to start the second half of the season in the best possible way and fully fit.

He is even more determined to get back up challenging for top five results and be on the podium once more.
Lorenzo's Last Victory

His last podium and race win was almost a year ago in the Spielberg race, in Austria on 12 August 2018.

He took a convincing win for the Factory Ducati team, finishing 1.56 seconds ahead of Marc Marquez, Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow in fourth.

It's Brno Race This Week
The Monster Energy Grand Prix Ceské Republiky at the Brno Automotodrom

The Brno Circuit
Brno Czech Republic The Full Track Action Schedule
All in UK Time
The Brno Race Weekend Starts this week
on the 2nd of August in the Czech Republic.
Friday 2nd August
Free Practice
Moto3  1 08:00
MotoGP FP1 08:55
Moto2 FP1 09:55
Moto3 FP2 12:15
MotoGP FP2 13:10
Moto2 FP2 14:10
Saturday 3rd August
Free Practice
Moto3 FP 3 08:00 Moto2 FP3 09:55

The start of the 2018 Brno race
Moto3  One 11:35
Moto3 Two 12:00
Moto2 One 14:05
Moto2 Two 14:30
Free Practice
Three 08:55
One 13:10
Two 13:35
Sunday 4th August Race Day
Warm Up
Moto3 7:40 Moto2 8:10
MotoGP 8:40
The Races
The 2018 Brno Podium
Winner Dovizioso, Marquez second and Lorenzo third
Moto3 10:00 Moto2 11:20
MotoGP 13:00

But Who Will Be The Brno Baron?


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